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Used Refrigerators for sale with warranties and worldwide shipping
Laboratory Refrigerators: Laboratory refrigerators are used to store samples and cultures at cool temperatures that are above freezing. Some research laboratory cold storage needs require refrigerators with specialized designs that have security features, such as latches or locks, or other protective features that do not allow the contamination of samples or are designed to prevent other hazards that could be associated with particular samples, such as:

  • Explosion of Certain Samples
  • Ignition of Flammable Substances
  • Sparks

Analytical Instruments sells a wide variety of refrigerators for both general laboratory use and flammable material storage, as well as for use in explosion-proof environments. Many configurations are available including sliding and swinging glass doors, under-counter models, and chromatography cabinets complete with internal electrical outlets and side ports. Manufacturers include: VWR, True, Revco, and Marvel.



Haier Undercounter Refrigerator

Haier Undercounter Refrigerator Model HNSE05, never used

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