VWR Model SCPMF-3020 Freezer -20

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Tested, like NEW, scratch and dent unit. Has one of the inner plastic cover-door is missing.


VWR® symphony™ Laboratory Freezers feature a microprocessor temperature controller and digital temperature display backed up by an audible and visual alarm package to help ensure the temperature stability and safety of samples and supplies. Manual defrost units also feature five insulating inner doors and a manual defrost operating system to limit product-damaging temperature spikes. In addition to the elimination of damaging auto-defrost cycles, the inner doors help reduce cold air loss during main door openings and greatly improve temperature recovery on manual defrost units.


Both the manual and auto-defrost symphony™ units, featuring a microprocessor temperature controller, allow for precise temperature control, recovery and maintenance vs. mechanical dial thermostats. Critical samples and supplies are security backed with an extensive package of temperature security and alarm features. In addition, a large digital display and solution bottle are installed to provide an indication of sample temperatures.


  • Temperature Range cycle preset to average -20°C
  • Adjustable Microprocessor Temperature Controller with digital air temperature display
  • Audible and Visual Alarms for high and low temperatures, and power failures supported by battery back-up. High and low settings are user adjustable. Temporary muting feature with intermittent chirp reminder
  • Sample Simulated Digital Temperature Display
  • Sensor Error Warning
  • Remote Alarm Contacts with adjustable delay provided to simplify connection to central alarm systems and phone dialers
  • 5 Insulating Inner Doors (Excludes 97055-688)
  • Locking Caster Platform
  • Keyed Door Lock