TECAN Freedom Evo 100 Liquid Handler

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Includes computer, monitor and software, this unit has no heads
Robotic arms Liquid Handling Arm, Robotic Manipulator Arm, Pick and Place Arm, MultiChannel Arm 96 and MultiChannel Arm 384
Tip configuration 1, 2, 4, 8, 96 and 384 tips, various combinations of application-oriented tip types
Tip types 
Standard (FEP-coated stainless steel) and disposable tips with or without filter (10/50/200/1000 μl); low-volume tips for high density format applications
Syringe sizes 50/250/500/1000/2500/5000 μl
Liquid handling features
Volume range* 100 nl-5000 μl
Pipetting precision* 
Volume Standard tips Disposable tips 200 μl
 10 μl < 1.75%  < 2.25%
100 μl < 0.40% < 0.40%
*typically achievable results using water in single pipetting mode under optimized conditions.
Manufacturer's guaranteed CV for standard and disposable tips at 10 μl < 3.5%, 100 μl < 0.75%
Safety features
Liquid detection Presence, absence and quantification check of liquid volumes is available for all tip types, various detection modes (single/multi) selectable
Clot detection Detection of tip obstruction by solid material
Password protection Three password levels: Administrator, Application Specialist and Operator
Dimensions   Freedom EVO100   
Height   870 mm/34.3"   
Width   1075 mm/42.3"   
Depth   780 mm/30.7"   
Power requirements Power: 600-1200 VA, depending on the instrument size
Voltage: 100-120 and 220-240 VAC (-15%/+10%), frequency 50/60 Hz
Operating conditions Temperature: 15-32°C/59-90°F, relative humidity: 30-80% at 30°C/86°F or below, non condensing