Bio-Rad EXQuest Spot Cutter

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The EXQuest™ spot cutter is a precision instrument that accurately locates and excises protein bands or spots from 1-D and 2-D gels or blots. It then loads them into 96- and 384-well microplates or 96-tube racks for downstream processing and analysis. The EXQuest spot cutter is designed to be both robust in construction and simple to operate, reducing manual labor and improving throughput of protein spots for analysis.
Complete with Quanity One  1-D & PDQuest 2-D Analysis Software V 4.6.0 & 7.4.0
The EXQuest spot cutter is a fully integrated system controlled through PDQuest™ 2-D analysis software or Quantity One® 1-D analysis software. It consists of an enclosure, an imaging system, a fluidics system, robotics, sensors, a cutting head, a gel tray, a microplate rack, and a wash station.
Versatile Excision Capability
The EXQuest spot cutter allows use of any common proteome separation and staining methods:
• Freestanding 2-D and 1-D SDS-PAGE gels
• Plastic- or glass-backed 2-D and 1-D gels
• PVDF and nitrocellulose membrane blots
• Gels or membranes stained for proteins with visible stains (such as silver and Coomassie blue stains) or fluorescent stains (such as Flamingo™ fluorescent gel stain and SYPRO Ruby protein stain)
Big Performance on the Bench
• Accommodates any commercially available large or mini format gel or PVDF membrane blot in a small bench footprint
• PDQuest software automatically selects spots in order from lowest to highest amount of protein, minimizing the chance of carryover contamination from spot to spot
• Quantity One software provides convenient tools for 1–D gel cutting
• Cutting tip produces precise cuts without damage or distortion on gels or PVDF membranes
• Cuts up to 4 gels at a time at up to 600 spots per hour
• System accuracy of ±0.1 mm ensures accurate excision of even small, closely grouped spots
• Error-free data capture from image analysis to mass spectrometry
• Built-in wash wells provide customized tip washing between cuts for extra contamination control
• Quick-change settings to switch between UV and visible light modes
• Compatible with ProteomeWorks™ and ProteomeWorks Plus spot cutter