Consolidated Sterilizer Autoclave Model SR-24C

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Consolidated Autoclave Sterilizer, Model SR-24C:
  • House steam model, external steam generator required
  • Large chamber 24" W x 36" H x 36" F-B
  • Volume is 18 Cu. Ft. (510 Liters)
  • Medium, single, hinged door
  • Chamber is 316L Stainless Steel (SST), Nickel-Clad
  • Consolidated 'Medium Lab Series' Sterilizer category
  • Designed to sterilize @ temperatures between 212° F > 275° F (100° C > 135° C) through the use of steam
  • Steam sources can be: House steam, electric (integrated boiler), electric - remote boiler, carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Sterilizer can accommodate the following air removal methods:  gravity, gravity with post-vacuum, or pre-vacuum
    (either Liquid ring pump or venturi/water ejector system)
  • Includes 90-day warranty directly from A.I.