Corbett HS-01 Gene-Disc Heat Sealer

Corbett HS-01 Gene-Disc Heat SealerCorbett HS-01 Gene-Disc Heat Sealer
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Corbett HS-01 Gene-Disc Heat Sealer:

  • Gene-Disc™ is the latest microtube reaction format for the Rotor-Gene™ real-time rotary analyzer.
  • Designed to accelerate setup, discs are a one-piece “plate” equivalent comprising a ring of vertically-oriented reaction wells.
  • Convenient 100-well microtube format. Compatible with automated reaction setup and high-throughput sample processing.
  • Interchangeable with other reaction tube formats on the Rotor-Gene by simply swapping the rotor type (...a simple click-change operation).
  • Discs are sealed in seconds with plastic film using a dedicated Gene-Disc heat sealer.
  • Standard reaction volume is between 20 and 25 μL, but discs work well with only 10 μL reaction volumes.
  • The Gene-Disc 100 is the rotary equivalent of a 96-well plate, but with an additional four reference wells, enabling the Rotor-Gene to integrate with traditional 96-well workflow.
  • The extra wells are convenient and can be used for more reactions or additional controls without occupying any of the standard 96-sample positions.

  • Operates on 115 VAC, 60 Hz, single phase main power.
  • Includes 90-day warranty directly from A.I.

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