Electro-Steam Generator Model VB-30 Steam Generator

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Used twice for testing at our facility – Like new.


The Electro-Steam Generator design consists essentially of a high pressure chamber filled with water

that is heated by one or more submerged resistance type electric heating elements. Automatic controls

are provided to maintain the pre-set operating pressure and water level. Safety features include:

automatic low-water cutoff (manual low-water reset optional), dual pressure controls, safety valve, and

visible water level gauge.


0.25 HP Motor

120 Volts

20 Amps

Manufactured in 2015

Heating Power: 29,250 Watts

Steam OUtput Rates
Feed Water 60°F -- 77.6 LB/hr –- 35.2 Kg/hr
Feed Water 100°F -- 82.8 LB/hr -– 37.6 Kg/hr
Feed Water 140°F -- 93.2 LB/hr -– 42.3 Kg/hr