Buchi Rotovapor R-3000

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The ROTAVAPOR R-3000 is ideal for routine solvent distillations and suitable for educational applications. The R-3000 is manufactured by Buchi who virtually wrote the book on rotary evaporation and has produced high quality Rotavapors for decades. The R-3000 includes Servo-Jack for conveniently raising and lowering evaporator. The unique oval shaped chemical-resistant polymer water bath is durable
  • Bath Capacity: 4 Liters
  • Temperature range: Ambient-100C
  • Contol accuracy:+or- 3C
  • Built-in over-temp saftey feature shuts off power to water bath in case of overheating or low water level
  • Removable heating coil simplifies cleaning
  • Variable rotation speed from 20 to 240rpm for evaporating flasks.
  • Glassware pictured included