Persee T3 Portable Vis Spectrophotometers [New]

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The T3 portable spectrometer is a compact portable instrument based on advanced CCD detection technology.

This highly compact instrument boasts all the features of a conventional bench-top spectrophotometer including Spectrum Scanning, Photometric, Quantitative and Kinetic methods.

Due to its portable design, it is also ideal for field monitoring and on-site operations for water and food analysis.

Pre-programmed test methods for the Spectroquant series of reagent test kits from Merck Chemicals.

We have selected the Spectroquant Test Kits from Merck Chemicals as a partner for broad support of environmental measurement applications.


  • Pre-programmed with calibration data for each of the Spectroquant test methods.
  • Ruggedized case
  • 2GB memory for data and method storage, supports USB flash memory
  • Easy to use with multiple interface including USB, RS232, Ethernet
  • GPS positioning and GPRS mobile wireless data transmission (by SIM card)
  • Lithium battery continuously work for 6 hours after fully charged
  • Measure with cuvettes, test tube or optical fiber probe
  • Works with a number of lab supplies as optional accessories to be a mobile lab 
  • Light Source: Convergent Tungsten Lamp, 500 hours of service life
  • Monochromator: Flat-field holographic concave grating
  • Detector: CCD 1L x 511 2048 pixel
  • Display Input: 480 x 272 color touch control (mouse control optional)
  • Wavelength Range: 380-800 nm
  • Spectral Bandwidth: 4.0nm+0.8nm
  • Wavelength Error of Indication: +/-1.0 nm
  • Wavelength Reproducibility: less than or equal to 0.1 nm
  • Baseline Flatness: +/-0.005 Abs
  • Noise: less than or equal to 0.5%
  • Drift: less than or equal to 1.0% per 30 minute
  • Stray Light: less than or equal to 0.5%
  • Transmittance Indication Error: +/-1%
  • Photometric Reproducibility: less than or equal to 0.3%
  • Dimensions: 276.5mm x 169.5mm x 119.5mm