Integra Bunsen Burner

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Integra FireBoy Bunsen Burner:

  • A standard among laboratory gas burners;

  • Innovative design, suitable for all flame related applications in the lab;

  • Excellent energy efficiency reduces the gas consumption;

  • Unique eye-catching shape and is extremely space saving;

  • Ideal for use in cleanroom workbenches and laboratories;

  • Fabricated entirely of combosite and with fireproof controls, can withstand extreme lab conditions..

Bunsen burners

Traditionally Bunsen burners are widely used as standard equipment for routine flame sterilization work. However, the danger of working with traditional Bunsen burners connected to a gas distribution system should not be underestimated. A major source of danger is posed by burners that leak highly flammable gas. The FIREBOY Portable Safety Bunsen developed by INTEGRA is a safe alternative. FIREBOY not only prevents the danger of gas

leaks, but also reduces the risks of fire or burns if unintentionally left on.

Simple and Safe Operation
The Integra Bunsen Burner can be operated with a foot pedal (included) or the button function. Flexible start-stop functions and the conventional foot pedal operation for short flame sterilization.

Modern Design
The low profile body facilitates ergonomic operation; the streamlined design reduces air flow disturbances in a clean room workbench to a minimum.

Moreover, the Integra Bunsen Burner is very easy to clean - a laboratory gas burner without grooves and rough edges.Clogging is not an issue. Spilled liquids simply escape through an integrated drain while solid substances can easily be removed by opening the burner shaft. It is even possible to dismantle the individual components of the removable burner head for in-depth cleaning.
With the DualKnob for adjusting gas and air flow, the flame can be precisely regulated.

Top Rate Safety
The Safety Control System SCS demonstrates state-of-the-art safety technology which constantly analyzes potential hazards and, if necessary,  nitiates safety measures, such as an interruption of the gas supply. In addition to the ignition and flame control function and the overheating protection, the new safety concept also features continuous burner head control (BHC). BHC unfailingly identifies burner head clogging by liquids or solid substances and ensures the correct assembly of the burner head. Exceptional passive safety features: After prolonged use, the residual heat display will signal that the burner head is still hot in order to protect the user from burns.