Barnstead Easypure RO System

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Barnstead Easypure RO System
  • Integral pump provides consistent flow rate.
  • Microprocessor control allows for 24-hour, fully automatic, unattended operation.
  • Automatic or manual flush protects RO membranes against contamination.
  • Rejection monitor indicates membrane’s performance, alerting the operator if problems exist.
  • A built-in low pressure switch prevents pump burnout due to low pressure feed water.
  • The system’s compact design allows it to be wall mounted or used anywhere on a bench.
  • An optional bracket is available for easy wall mounting.
  • 6.5 liter reservoir incorporates an air filter to prevent airborne impurities from contaminating water during storage.
  • An optional 30 liter reservoir provides additional storage as required.
  • An automatic reject water flow control simplifies operation and prolongs the life of the RO membranes.
  • Panel-mounted indicator lights register the unit’s current status, including “stand-by,” when the reservoir is full, when the pretreatment cartridge needs changing, and when the membranes require replacement.
  • The EASYpure RO is ideally suited for pretreating EASYpure II LF, UF, UV and UV/UF compact ultrapure water systems.
  • Offers an excellent purification option for applications requiring up to 100 liters of RO water daily.
  • All components are constructed of inert materials ensuring maximum ionic and organic purity