Parker Balston Model LCMS-5000NA Tri-Gas Generator

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Prod SKU: 1001568-C


Generates Pure Nitrogen, Zero Air and Source Exhaust Air
Gas Purity to 99.999% and No Phthalates
Curtain Gas (Nitrogen) to 10 LPM or 20 LPM Depending on Configuration





Parker LCMS-5000NA Tri-Gas Generator is a completely engineered system designed to deliver pure nitrogen for curtain gas, pure zero grade air as gas-1/gas-2 source gases and dry -40°F dew point air as source exhaust. The system is designed to produce gases which meet and exceed the requirements of any LC-MS requiring three independent gases. Please contact us for complete refurbished and used Parker nitrogen generator system and warranty details. 


The Parker SOURCE LCMS 5000 Series Tri-Gas Generators will provide enough gas for a single LC-MS instrument on a continual basis and will eliminate dependence, expense and hassle with using high pressure nitrogen and zero air cylinders.

Buyer should assume the unit will need servicing at a minimum to renew the consumable filters etc. and adjustment.


We also have the Companion Compressor available through a separate listing