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Liquid Chromatography

Refurbished HPLC for sale with warranties and worldwide shipping

HPLC Chromatography: High performance liquid chromatography is a step up from column chromatography. It involves the solvent being forced through a column at high pressures to achieve separation in a laboratory setting in less time than traditional methods. HPLC results in better separations, increased accuracy, and sensitivity through a more automated process.

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Refurbished HPLC for sale

Analytical Instruments specializes in Lab Chromatography equipment. We sell equipment for HPLC, GC and GCMS. HPLC systems that range from simple systems with a chart recorder output to state of the art systems with the latest in computer control, detectors, pumps, autosamplers, and more. We sell systems made by Beckman, Agilent, Waters and Gilson.
Systems are given complete PM’s including replacement of components such as detector lamps, check valves, etc. GCMS systems are made by Agilent. Systems range in from those with a 5973 MS and a 6890 GC to 5972 MS and a 5890 Series II GC. These systems are also given a complete PM before shipping.
Refurbished HPLC for sale with warranties



Refurbished FPLC for sale with warranties and worldwide shipping
FPLC Chromatography: Fast protein liquid chromatography uses gel filtration, ion exchange, and other criteria to sort macromolecules based on size, charge distribution, biorecognition, or even hydrophobicity. Protein molecules with a high level of purity can be isolated with FPLC systems.


Bischoff RI Detector

Bischoff RI Detector

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