Sorvall Model RC5C Refrigerated Freestanding Centrifuge

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The Sorvall RC-5C Superspeed Centrifuge offers a unique combination of advanced features that enhance centrifugation performance. The Sorvall centrifuge is engineered to provide excellent precision and remarkable versatility while maintaining simple centrifuge operation. With its ability to operate on maximum rotor speed without the use of a vacuum system, the RC-5Ccan achieve 21,000 rpm with centrifugation forces of up to 51,427 x g. The total capacity of this high performance centrifuge is 4 liters.

Featuring a microprocessor-controlled system, the Sorvall RC-5C centrifuge guarantees remarkably fast and reliable separations. Temperature calculations are done automatically, and operating parameters are shown by an advanced LED display. The RC-5C is also equipped with an RCF Mode feature for G-Force calculations, and omega squared dt calculation for run to run reproducibility.

Other features of the Sorvall RC-5C Superspeed Centrifuge include an auto rate control setting for density gradient work, an interlock door to prevent centrifuge door from opening during acceleration, and user-adjustable speed, time, and temperature settings.

Rotors are avaialable.