HP 8452A Diode-Array Spectrophotometer

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The HP 8452A Diode-Array Spectrophotometer is a single-beam, microprocessor-controlled spectrophotometer.

Visible/UV - range of 190 to 820 nm with 2 nm resolution.

It is used when speed of measurement is essential.

It is faster, more sensitive and has more precision than a conventional spectrometer due to the photo diode-array detection system.

With its diode array technology, the spectrophotometer is much faster then conventional instruments; with more precision, more sensitivity and more reproducible results.

The spectrophotometer can be controlled from a computer equipped with HP UV-Vis software (not included).

It can also be equipped with accessories which include special cell holders, peristaltic pumps, auto sampler, a multicell transport, a Peltier temperature control accessory, and valve unit and valve - pump controller.

All accessories are additional cost as available from stock.
Diode array spectrophotometers are capable of acquiring complete UV/Visible absorbance spectra in as little as 100 msec.

The key is that the grating of these instruments is fixed, and rather than moving the grating to acquire spectra, hundreds of detectors are placed at the exit of the monochromator.

The HP 8452A has 512 detectors.

The detectors are all integrated on a single silicon chip called a photodiode array.

The diodes act as capacitors that discharge in proportion to the incident light flux.

The capacitance of each diode is converted to a binary word that is input to a computer.

The HP 8452A simplifies the operation of the spectrophotometer even further by using a deuterium discharge lamp for the full UV and visible range, rather than a deuterium lamp for the UV and a tungsten incandescent lamp for the visible, as in done in most other instruments.
This unit comes with a computer with interface board.

It comes with DOS software (which may or may not work on a more modern operating system, but probably would work on Windows 98) and a GPIB cable.