Tabletop Centrifuges

Used Tabletop Centrifuges for sale with warranties and worldwide shipping

Tabletop Centrifuges: Tabletop centrifuges are also referred to as benchtop centrifuges. They offer a versatile selection of tube sizes and variable speeds, while decreasing the footprint of many standard models. Advantages of Tabletop Centrifuges, Variable Speeds, Variable Tube Sizes, Small/Medium Footprint.

Advantages of Tabletop Centrifuges:

  • Variable Speeds
  • Variable Tube Sizes
  • Small / Medium Footprint

Analytical Instruments sells both refrigerated and non refrigerated table top centrifuges made by Beckman, Thermo IEC and Sorvall. All centrifuges are sold with a rotor. Call for type of rotor available. We also stock a variety of inserts for these rotors to accommodate different size tubes.  All new & used centrifuges are given a complete PM in our service department before shipping and are sold with a 90 day warranty.